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The Adult Nursing Ritual: Becoming Soul Mates

Whether you are using lactation and adult nursing to improve the relationship with your partner, or using it to explore mysticism or magick, this adult nursing ritual will teach you how to create a spiritual bond with your partner to it's most profound degree. For some couples the spiritual bond occurs spontaneously; for others it take time and dedication. This ritual may be practiced as often as once each day, but should be practiced no more than once each day and no less than once each week, It must be kept fresh and not become routine. There is nothing frightening nor dangerous about this experience; in fact when the spiritual bond occurs, it will likely be the most beautiful interrelationship you will ever have with your mate.

In this session, your role as nursing partner is of extreme importance; it will be your responsibility to prepare your lactating mate to open herself both emotionally and spiritually, so you may become true soul mates. By the way you prepare both yourself and your mate for the nursing ritual, a unique subconscious emotional state will be created within the lactating woman. The purpose of this ritual is to reach metaphysical perfection in your relationship as soul mates; you must strive for perfection both in preparation for the ritual, as well as in the ritual it's self.

Begin your preparations well in advance of the ritual by making sure you are able to latch and suckle correctly. The physical act of latching and suckling from her breast must become subconscious and spontaneous. The nerves that you will be stimulating while suckling are behind her nipple and areola, rather than at the end of the nipple. During the ritual, stimulation by your suckling will create a spiritual energy within her, which will give her the strength to bond with you at a metaphysical level. Practice your latching and suckling technique in your normal nursing sessions until it becomes subconscious. This link will take you to a web page that will explain correct latch. Breastfeeding.com There are also articles in 'Our Support Group' Files that may be helpful. During the period of bonding, communication between you and your partner will be done at a subconscious level through body language; suckling is an important part of your body language. Suckling must done slowly and rhythmically, displaying a body language of contentment and pleasure. A suckling rate of 45 suckles per minute, (or slightly less), is good.

You will also need a room which is both private and secure to perform the ritual; bedrooms often work well. Since communication and bonding during the ritual is at a metaphysical level, a tranquil atmosphere must created in the adult nursing room, which will lull the five senses into total contentment. Sudden distractions during the ritual may cause one or more of the physical senses to awaken, making bonding difficult. When selecting the room and furniture that will be used, the physical nursing position must be considered. If you prefer a lying position while nursing, a bed may be appropriate; however, if you prefer to nurse while she is straddling your lap, a comfortable chair might be better. The atmosphere of the room it's self must feel clean and fresh, not stale or banal. Loud noises from outside of the room, (such as loud televisions, kids running through the house, etc.) can become a distraction. Turn off or unplug the telephone. Try to eliminate anything that will become an interruption or distraction. Because the adult nursing ritual is about becoming bonded as soul mates, it is important that both you and your partner be involved in preparing this room.

For the sense of sight, lighting in the room must be dimmed until it becomes neutral, neither too bright nor too dark. You want just enough light to see, but not well enough to become distracted by objects in the room. Candles create a soft glow and work well for this type ritual; however, a word of caution, if you use candles they must be placed as to not create a fire hazard. Indirect lighting usually works better than direct lighting.

For the sense of touch or feel, the room temperature must be adjusted to a neutral feel. You do not want the temperature to feel warm or cool against your skin. This is particularly important if you perform the ritual in the nude. If you use fans to adjust room temperature, try to keep the sound of the fan to a minimum. You don't want to focus on sound of the fan, rather than on nursing.

For the sense of smell, incense or a pleasant scented candle can lull the olfactory nerves into contentment. The scent should be almost unnoticeable. Cooperate in selecting an aroma that is pleasing to both of you. Working together while preparing the nursing room will bring you closer together and make the nursing ritual easier. The better both of feel about the preparations, the better the session will be. If you see your partner becoming excited and looking forward to the session, this is a good sign.

Particular attention must be given to the sense of hearing or sound. Background music or sounds can be used to enhance the mood of the ritual. The sound level must not be high enough to become distracting, but must be heard well enough to stimulate the mental and emotional state of both partners. You may choose anything from the Sound of Whales, or a Gregorian Chant, to your favorite piece of music; however, try to stay away from anything that is overly stimulating or depressing. Depending on my partner at the time, I may prefer a classical piece like, Pachelbel's "Canon" or Bach's Brandenburg Concerto; each has an entirely different sound and inspires a different state of mind for me. The sound chosen must enhance your own individual personalities. Also keep in mind, the music or background sound must be unbroken for the entire ritual, at least 30 minutes and possibility more. When bonding begins during the nursing ritual and your physical senses are lulled into contentment, it is quite likely you will lose track of time. You don't want to be distracted by a sudden silence. You may use a one long piece of music, several songs together, or set your player so it will repeat; your choice.

Attention should also be given to the sense of taste. If you mouth tastes stale or you may have recently eaten foods like onions, brushing is a good idea just before you begin to prepare for the ritual.

When you are satisfied that the ambiance, in and around the nursing room, is good, you are then ready to begin personal preparations. Shave or trim your beard if necessary; you don't want to put a prickly face against her breast while nursing. Also, you don't want to be hungry or over filled while nursing. The person who will be nursing from the lactating woman will take the dominant role in preparing her for this nursing session. The nursing room may be prepared ahead of time at your convenience, but from the time you begin personal preparations, until the end of the nursing session, there must be no interruptions or breaks.

By the time you are ready for this step in your relationship, both partners should be completely comfortable with each other. It's good to begin with a bath or shower together. You may bathe each other, but particularly, you must bathe her. She must feel as if she is being prepared and pampered for something special, because she is. Shampoo her hair if it is pleasant to her. Bathe and pamper her in the most sensuous way. Hug her, caress her, but do not penetrate her. After the bath, using the biggest, fluffiest towels you can find, dry each other off. Take your time. After you have finished drying off, take her hand and lead her to a chair that is comfortable for her, but one you can easily walk around. Here you will brush her hair, gently and lovingly. Take your time and be genuinely pampering to her. After you have finished brushing her hair and she is still sitting, massage her shoulders and neck, relaxing her. As you massage, speak gently to her, encouraging her to relax and be at peace. This massaging, touching and caressing is training her body to respond to your body language. As she becomes relaxed, massage her breasts and nipples to encourage let-down. Listen to her; let her tell you what feels best. While massaging her breasts, if she should spontaneously let-down and milk begin to drip from her nipples, welcome it and let her body follow it's natural instincts. At the end of the massage, kneel in front of her and kiss each breast, drawing her attention to pleasure to come.

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