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Author and Publisher of This Website

I write under the pseudonym Hudson, and since I have no need for a following or an audience, this single pen name is all I am willing to reveal of myself. And considering this, one might wonder why anyone would create a web site for the sole purpose of reading their own work. A fair question, but one with a logical answer.

My life-long interest has been in metaphysics, and in later years, the science of ontology. During this time, I have acquired a fair amount of knowledge apropos to the human consciousness being an incorporeal entity separate of the physical body. However, also during this time I have come to the conclusion that knowledge in its self is of little value unless it is recorded and shared, which is why I write.

The problem with metaphysics and ontology as a method of revealing a consciousness existing beyond our physical plane of existence, is there is no verbal or written language that illustrates the knowledge gained with adequate clarity. Human language is based on conditions governed by the laws of physics rather than any laws of metaphysics. This makes illustrating this subject difficult, and in some cases, all but impossible.

To overcome this obstacle to definitiveness, I write a piece, post it here, ignore it for a period of time, then reread it as if someone else had written it. For me, it is easier to critique my own ruminations and disquisitions if I detach myself from them in this manner.

Some of the subjects I write about may seem to have little to do with metaphysics; however, emotional intimacy between couples is one of the situations where telepathic communication can be observed either as a participant, or as an observer. And being the case, relationships that lend themselves to intense emotional intimacy has been an area of study.

The purpose for maintaining a presence on the internet is, and has been to increase my knowledge of metaphysics, and to improve my writing skills. And being so, you may find a piece posted in the Library section, only to see it disappear, then reappear completely rewritten. Understanding a subject of which the human mind has little capacity can be arduous. If there were only words.........