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Author and Publisher of This Website

Everyone has a distraction, an underlying interest in which they invest a portion of their leisure time not devoted to career, self-amusement or the mundane pursuit of survival on this bit of flotsam we call Earth. My life’s passion has been the study of the human self: that indefinable core of our psyche that makes each of us a unique being. However, while the study of the self has been rewarding beyond my expectations, I have found that knowledge unshared is of little value.

And being so, I created this self-publishing website as an outlet for my essays, contemplations and conclusions, or depending on your point of view, rantings and ravings. I could have perhaps, found a publisher to do the work for me; however, I cling to my status as an amateur writer because of the two values most dear to me: the freedom to think as I choose, and the privacy to do so.

I chose the penname Hudson, not because I seek fame or fortune, but because it seemed rather droll write an essay and not attribute it to someone. My philosophy, my contemplations and conclusions on life as we know it, are not intended to dictate, or even suggest how someone should live their life, but to stimulate free thought: for no matter what wealth we amass in life, when our end comes, the only thing we have of value is that which we have learned about ourselves.

With Regards, Hudson