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Fair Use and Copyrights

First of all, any individual downloading copyright-protected material from this website for their own personal use is more than welcome to do so. Downloading something from this website for your own use is no more illegal than buying a book for your own reading pleasure. The goal of every author, (including myself), is to produce something of value to the reader. The only thing I ask in return is that you leave my name as author attached to the essay, and a link to this website.

Copyright laws are meant to protect authors and artisans from people who would unscrupulously exploit their work for personal gain: not to punish individuals who wish to enjoy their work. Because both my literary and digital work on this website are vulnerable to exploitation, both are copyrighted under the same legal provisions every author uses to protect his or her work. Since I publish what I write for free, I see no reason to allow anyone else to profit from my work.

For those who would republish my work for their own profit, there are limits as to what I will allow:

As holder of these copyrights, I reserve the right to add-to, remove or change any or all of these limitation as I deem necessary.