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Subject: Hormone Levels
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Prolactin Levels in Breastfeeding Mothers

Typical baseline serum prolactin levels in women Prolactin Levels References
Not pregnant, not lactating < 25 ng/mL Walker p. 65
Pregnant, at term 200 ng/mL Walker p. 65
Lactating, 7 days postpartum 100 ng/mL Riordan p. 76
Lactating, 3 months postpartum 100 ng/mL Walker p. 65
Lactating, menstruation not started before 180 days 110 ng/mL Riordan p. 76
Lactating, menstruation started before 180 days 70 ng/mL Riordan p. 76
Lactating, 6 months postpartum 50 ng/mL Riordan p. 76

Note: Riordan J. Breastfeeding and Human Lactation (2005, p. 76):


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